One of the UKs favourite high street food retailers, partners with Ocado to make it's food offering available online for the first time.

Being able to order the best of M&S food, online, with the rest of your shop... that's the best thing ever.... right?

Could we make 'M&S' an integral part of the theme, of any headline or comms message?

It's SO easy to get your favourite M&S food online

Let us introduce you. Say hello.

Celebrating all that is the delicious range now available online

Ocado and M&S - one big, happy family

Using the classic song and its rhyming couplet style of listing all good things...

...we tested just how far any messaging could run

Photo styling - language and copy aside, the brief emphasised the celebratory nature of the campaign. We wanted standout, not bunting and streamers. It made sense to make use of the existing Ocado colour palette, but being conscious of the already extensive range of products that could potentially be in shot at any one time.
The campaign launch - print concepts, web, app, mobile and email comms.
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